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It has more than 30 years since diamond wire saw was used for quarrying stone. In recent years, diamond wire saw has been used widely in quarries at home.Its work principle is as follows:

Diamond wire saw is pulled through the perforation stricken in the horizontal and vertical direction in advance. Then the diamond wire is set on the flywheel after joint and the flywheel is driven by electromotor in order to bring along the diamond wire to cut the stone while at the same time water is poured into the sew to cool down the diamond bead and exclude the rock powder while cutting. The diamond wire saw moves backward while cutting so as to maintain certain tension and cutting speed until the cutting is done.

The diamond wire saw intended for cutting flexible stone only at earlier stage. The technique of quarrying marble has been mature internationally. As to the hard granite and other stone, relentless efforts made by manufactures of diamond tools,and the quarries owner, which get resulted in more and more advanced technology on cutting granite with wire saw. Currently, wire saw is applied in cutting stone of various hardness including granite, marble, sandstone etc. We have seen a global trend of improved product quality and reduced product cost in the industry.