Auxiliary Mechanism and Auxiliary Device for Diamond Wire Saw Machine

- Sep 06, 2017 -

 a: guide wheel

Correct and reasonable use of the guide wheel, is to ensure smooth cutting of the beads saw one of the most important part, not detailed here.

control diamond string bead rope angle guide wheel

In the diamond beads saw the general installation of 1 to 2 guide wheel, used to control the diamond beads rope on the main flywheel on the angle, to ensure the effective transmission of the main motor power.

② independent vertical guide wheel

The vertical guide wheel is a component independent of the diamond bead saw, with a pole and a single wheel and other structures. Used to control the bead rope cutting envelope, to prevent the diamond bead rope in the right corner of the sharp wear and tear.

③ horizontal guide wheel

Horizontal guide wheel is mainly used for diamond string saws for horizontal cutting, the control of diamond string beads rope angle, but also control the diamond beaded rope exposed part of the trajectory range.

④ reversing guide wheel

When the workplace location is limited, must be guided by the steering wheel to change the direction of movement of diamond beads, to achieve the cutting surface sawing.

⑤ hole with special guide wheel

Dedicated to the cave-type marble mining, with the beads saw the stone closed with the back of the use of cutting.

b: the rotating head of the power head and the moving mechanism

In the installation of diamond beads saws, the diamond bead rope and the main flywheel must be adjusted to the cutting surface and the ore body is actually cut the surface coincided with the location. This requires the main flywheel saw the main flywheel must have the function of rotation and translation. This function also enables cutting of two parallel vertical faces with a certain pitch without changing the bead saw mounting position. There are manual control and electric control in two ways to achieve the main flywheel rotation and translation. At present, most of the series of beads saws using manual mode, which in the actual operation is very convenient. LQ series of beaded saws are used in electric control mode, and equipped with motor protection device, in addition to a mobile control button. Easy to operate, save time and effort, and accurate and reliable positioning, very suitable for mine work.

(2) equipment protection measures and maintenance

a) Safety Protection: Diamond Bead Saw The rear of the main flywheel is fitted with a detachable baffle to prevent the operator from flying when the bead rope is torn. Some foreign models are also equipped with a longer flexible protective tape, the cutting process will be exposed outside the diamond bead rope all cover up, this approach is more secure. In addition to the construction site should also place some protective board, protective cover and so on.

b) electrical components protection: electrical components protection is very important, foreign advanced equipment in this area has done more perfect, and the domestic beads saw but ignore these. Mine environment is bad, dusty, more water mist, easily damaged electrical components.

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