Broken Wire of Diamond Wire Rope Saw

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Broken wire Can be divided into two categories: ① from the buckle at the ends of the joints break, called the joints broken; ② joints outside the middle of the other parts of the broken wire rope, referred to as the broken diamond wire rope saw.

The reason for the analysis of diamond wire rope saw as a bead bearing, its life limits of the rope saw life. According to the 14.85m profiled rope saw, from the beginning to the rope saw scrapped, the use of time for more than 600h, the line speed of 22m / s, then the use of wire rope under the premise of alternating load under the premise of the cycle to 3 × 106 times , Easily lead to fatigue fracture of steel wire rope. And the joints after the withholding, the diamond wire rope saw will produce some damage, will lead to the joints at the wire rope in advance of the break. Therefore, we must use extremely good wire rope material. In addition, the use of the following circumstances will lead to the early break in the diamond wire rope saw: due to machine reasons, resulting in rope saw operation is not smooth, frequent jitter, will easily lead to frequent breakage joints and joints; ② customer one-sided pursuit of cutting efficiency , Forced under the knife, resulting in rope running arc is too large, tension is too large, and then cause the diamond wire rope saw break; ③ injection diamond wire rope saw a certain time, there will be part of the cooling water and chip into the plastic and wire between. If the parking time is too long, will lead to wire rope embroidered brittle, the middle of the wire rope in advance break; ④ due to the reasons for the producers, beaded fixed is not strong, there be beads rotation or movement. After the bead will turn in a short period of time will be worn wire rope; and after the channeling will make the broken rope exposed to loss, will also make the wire rope in advance break; ⑤ joint withholding too tight, will increase the damage to the wire rope, Early break.

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