circular saw and string saw mining process

- Nov 13, 2017 -

 In mining, we generally use mining machinery (including dry cutting machine and beaded wire saws, as well as other mining tools such as circular saws, but there are also have other methods of using a combination of beaded wire saws and circular saws. Today We will talk about the circular saw and beaded wire sawing process flow. Mining on this orebody with three free faces using this sawing process can also be used for mining operations on ore bodies with two free faces. Because ore body stripping, forming a flat surface mining platform is a common type of operation, not introduced here.

     In accordance with the order of the operation, circular saw and beaded wire saw combination mining of granite main mining process include: vertical holes and horizontal holes drilled through the intersection of the hole (or omitted) → cut the vertical facade → wear beaded wires →wire  sawing ore level - → circular saw mesh cutting vertical separation of the ore body directly produce stone blocks; in the beaded wire saw the separation of the bottom surface of the separation cut, you can also use the circular saw ,the separation of the ore body is cut into a few pieces of shorter length of the small separation, the use of artificial drilling splitting method, the small detachment dissolved into blocks. Other Auxiliary: processes such as lifting equipment displacement, stone blocks displacement, lifting and transportation and mining of granite and other mining processes are the same. Mining using the above combination method, when the beaded sawing sawing plane, it is desirable that there is a vertical elevation connection between the excessively long separated stone and the ore body, even in such a case the kerf after the beaded rope cut should be inserted in time Support the steel wedge and insert the special steel wedge supporting the horizontal bottom surface of the separator from the vertical cutting slit of the circular saw to prevent the horizontal bottom from slipping and crushing the beaded wire after cutting and separating or after separation. If the beaded saw cut horizontal bottom surface, the separation body and the ore body has no surface connection, should pay attention to the horizontal bottom of the kerf in time to join the support wedge.

1. determine the cutting area of beaded wire and the lead of wear beaded wires

In order to make a saw as much as possible to separate the stone, if possible, increase the area of the sawing horizontal plane as much as possible. The cutting area is the first thing need to consider the size of equipment power, at the same time need to be based on the hardness of the granite, as well as mastering the skills of cutting saws L and W size. Equivalent to the separation of a number of separate pieces of stone cut off the level of the bottom surface, because the vertical vertical kerfs to form mesh spacing stone is the size of the block, so W size should be block length or width multiples of the size. Length according to the size of the ore body surface to determine, generally not limited.  

2. Beaded saw complete horizontal sawing

When using a beaded wire saw to cut the above horizontal plane, It must be care to taken minimize the height of the horizontal fixed steering wheel in front of the beaded wire saw from the ground.  The main flywheel of the beaded saw and the minimum distance between the ground due to different models, generally ensure that beaded wire in the main flywheel position and the minimum distance of the ground is about 12cm.

3.Decompose sawing of circular saw

The use of circular saw and string saw combination mining, the horizontal plane has been separated from the ore body cut blocks into blocks, vacate the venue, to the next level of separation of stone cutting, it will increase the number of installed circular saw.

4. If you can eliminate the cutting between different separation steps

Due to the restriction of the lowest position for horizontal cutting of the beaded wire saw, the beading surface of the beaded rope can not coincide with the horizontal bottom surface. A step of at least 5 cm may appear between two adjacent separations, as described above.

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