Classification of Diamond Products

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Diamond products classification is very complex, it can be divided into thousands of grades based on diamond product size, crystal shape, color and quality to classify.In general, it is divided into two categories: decorative diamond and industrial diamond.

1. Decorative diamond

High quality natural diamonds require glossy bright, clear and inclusions. So the color and transparency of the diamond and the crystal size are the main quality grade standards for the diamond. Colorless and transparent, pure are excellent quality goods; pure transparent blue and blue for the best; some tones are thick as dark "blue diamond", "diamond", "black diamond" for rare treasures.

2. Industrial diamond products

For natural diamonds, the main use of their high hardness, high wear resistance characteristics and good thermal conductivity and semiconductor performance to produce all kinds of diamond products. As the natural diamond production is very small, industrial use of diamonds, the vast majority of artificial diamond instead.Diamond tool refers to the use of binder to diamond (usually refers to artificial diamond) or cubic boron nitride produced into a certain shape, structure, size, and for processing tool products. Diamond tools, if used in accordance with the points, can be divided into diamond grinding tools, diamond sawing tools,diamond drilling tools, dressing tools,such as diamond saw blades,diamond wire,diamond cup wheels,diamond drill bits, diamond segments diamond dressing tools,diamond wire drawing dies, diamond cutting Tools.

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