Classification of laser cutting machines

- Jul 31, 2017 -

In the laser precision sheet metal processing, the need to use laser cutting machine, but there are many types of laser cutting machine, the following Xiaobian give you a briefing.

In the industrial use of the largest large-scale laser cutting machine, generally there are nitrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, these four gases, but also with K-volt high pressure, and then produce laser. Desktop laser cutting machine, mainly used to cut thin steel plate, its cutting speed is very fast, but the provisions of the cutting range, but the application of such cutting machine is very wide. With the type of laser cutting machine, mainly used to cut relatively thick steel plate, processing range is relatively large, you can directly on the machine to cut the plate.

Laser cutting machine classification is the above several, when we use, according to different processing seeds to determine the use of cutting machine.

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