Correctly maintain to extend the life of stone cutting machinery

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Stone cutting machinery is a large equipment, the purchase of new equipment and frequently replace some parts will consume a lot of money, and affect the production schedule as well, so how to correctly maintain the mine equipment to extend the life is very important.

1.To ensure the normal working load

The work load of the mining machinery have an important influence on the abrasion of machinery. In general, the abrasion of parts increases proportionally as the load increases. When the part of the load is higher than the average normal load, the abrasion will be exacerbated. In the normal load of the engine, the failure rate is low, and the service life is longer.

2.To reduce the impact of temperature

The temperature of each component has its own normal range when working, if a part below or beyond the normal range will accelerate the part’s abrasion. To prevent the operation of the machine at high temperatures, and always check the value of thermometers in mechanical operation process. Found the problem shut down the machine immediately. Check and found the machine failure and solve the problem immediately

3.Reduce the impact of mechanical impurities

Mechanical impurities generally refers to the dust, soil and other non-metallic materials. Once these impurities into the mechanical inside, the harm is great, not only obstruct the relative movement, but also accelerate the part’s abrasion. So use high-quality lubricants, grease to block the source of harmful impurities, and take protection to prevent all kinds of impurities into the mechanical internal.

4.To reduce the role of various corrosion

The corrosion will not only affect the mechanical appearance but also the mechanical interior. Such as rain, the chemical substances in the air through the the external channel of mechanical parts ,corrosion mechanical parts inside, to accelerate mechanical abrasion and increase mechanical failure. So  the management person and operator shall take effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the machinery according to the local weather conditions and air pollution and prevented the chemical composition of rain and air from machine.


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