diamond accessories spring-dry cutting and cutting with water

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Spring is a kind of mechanical parts that work with elasticity. In the application of diamond wire saws, it can be divided into dry cutting and cutting with water. The spring is a kind of elastic material made of parts under the action of external deformation, remove the external force and then restore the status quo. Generally made of spring steel. The type of spring is complex and diverse, according to the shape points, mainly include coil spring, scroll spring, leaf spring, shaped spring and so on. Our company has specialized spring accessories in the production of spring wire and wire saw for cutting steels, and we have long springs and short springs.

     The main function of the spring:

1. Control the movement of the wire saw machine, such as the valve spring in the internal combustion engine, the control spring in the clutch, and so on.

2. Absorb vibration and shock energy, making the wire saw products in the work has a more stable function.

3. Storage and output energy as a driving force in the cutting stone, can achieve a multiplier effect.

4. Tightening function, in the wire saw products play a tightening effect.

5. Buffer function, the use of wire saw products produce broken rope situation, but also the role of buffer impact.

The spring is a kind of elastic element widely used in the mechanical and electronic industry. The spring can produce large elastic deformation when the load is loaded, the mechanical work or kinetic energy is transformed into the deformation energy, and the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to the original state. Deformation energy can be converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

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