diamond blades production

- Feb 02, 2018 -

In the diamond blade manufacturing technology, the choice of blade matrix material and hot pressing process are the key pivots. Co-based, bronze-based alloys are popular choice as the carcass raw materials, but in the manufacturing costs and the use of functions can not do a good job. Fe-Ni-Cu-W alloy was proposed as the raw material of the blade body through horizontal analysis. Through the trial and application, the ideal cost and performance of the manufacturing process have been achieved.

Diamond blade manufacturing process can be described as the sintering process under the pressure of the metal powder is a powder metallurgy course: well-proportioned mixed metal powder at high temperature (800-1000 ℃) and the inevitable pressure (180- 250Kgf / cm2) through a series of physical and chemical dip-coating, such as diffusion, welding, compounding and recrystallization among the powder particles to form a sintered body with the necessary shape and machine function.

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