Diamond blades(to cutting quartz,granite,marble)

- Sep 18, 2017 -

            Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, widely used in cutting stone, cutting quartz, cutting reinforced concrete,ceramic and other hard and brittle materials processing. Diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts; matrix and the head. The base is the main support part of the bonding head, and the head It is in the process of cutting part of the use of the head will continue to consume in use, and the matrix will not, the reason why the cutting head can play the role because it contains diamond, diamond as the current hardest Material, it is rubbed in the head of the object is being cut.While the diamond particles are wrapped in metal inside the head in the use of metal carcass with the consumption of diamond, the general ideal situation is the metal carcass consumption than the King Kong Fast, so that both to ensure that the blade sharpness and ensure that the blade has a longer life.

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