Diamond multi-wire for Granite slab cutting

- Aug 18, 2017 -

           Granite slab cutting can be made of diamond saw blades, frame sand saws, diamond band saws and diamond wire saws. Various processing methods to adapt to the scope of processing costs and uses are some differences. Removable diamond mono-wire saw are used in quarries for stone mining. Fixed diamond mono-wire saws are mainly used for block molding. The sheet metal processing is mainly used for multi-wire diamond saws (also known as multi-strand diamond saws). Diamond wire saw machine with multi-wire can be subdivided into two basic types: sawing sheet and sawing thick plate with sawing machine, 30 or more than 30 diamond wires sawing machine, mainly for granite blocks sawing plate , For the competition with the traditional steel sand frame saw goods and its complementary applications, the current number of multi-wire saw the number of beaded wire has reached 133.

            Diamond circular saw blade is mainly used to process granite as the representative of the hard stone, for the small slabs of granite sawing processing areas. However, due to the size of the saw blade is not suitable for processing large granite, because with the increase in the diameter of the saw blade, the blade and the thickness of the blade will be a corresponding increase. The amount of energy consumed per unit area of stone is significantly increased. In order to compare the diamond saws with diamond saws, the cost of sawing granite slabs is slightly higher than that of the saws. In the framework of sawing machine, but the entire sawing efficiency, accessories supply, consumption, waste discharge, clearance, sawing management and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, multi-wire diamond bead saw the cost of processing granite slightly lower than the frame sawing machine. In general, the medium hardness of the granite blocks saw cut into 2cm after the big board, the traditional frame sawing saw the speed of the general is about 3cm / h. And multi-wire saw machine saw the speed can reach 30cm / h or so, in other words, saw a long 3m. High 2m blocks, the traditional frame sand saw requires about 67h continuous uncut sawing time, while the multi-wire saw only 6.7h time, a difference of about 10 times the sawing time, that is about 10 times the sawing Efficiency difference.

           When cutting a granite plate with a diamond multi-wire saw, it is important to note that the cuttings are best shaped at the top and bottom; the blocks should be placed on both supports and fixed with cement; the saws usually do not need to be cut. In the sawing to determine a reasonable feed rate, by cutting the wire wire during the appropriate curvature to determine, usually by the control cabinet according to the feedback signal control and adjustment.

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