Diamond wire for cutting steel structure

- Aug 18, 2017 -

            Steel structure cutting definition: steel structure cutting refers to the industrial production, according to the need for the steel structure of the cutting process. For the cutting steel structure, generally refers to the industrial gas and oxygen mixed combustion and to meet the cutting requirements of the temperature, the steel structure of the melting, blowing and separation process. Currently used techniques are flame cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, CNC cutting and so on. The most commonly used flame cutting, it has a low cost, easy operation, technical maturity, the use of a wide range of features, is currently the most widely used industrial cutting technology, but the flame cutting also has great limitations, water cutting and plasma cutting High cost, and now we can use diamond wire saws and wire saw machine for the steel components cutting, and now some Chinese companies have specialized in cutting hard reinforced concrete and steel components of the diamond wire saw products, these wire for cutting Concrete, reinforced concrete and steel components, etc., This diamond wire for cutting is to be widely used for cutting buildings, bridges big post,cement pipe, steel pipe, cable, sunken ship and other steel structure cutting.


            Among them, Guilin Sanshan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of super-hard materials, diamond wire saw products and cutting machine high-tech enterprises, the company set up decades, the products are exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, preferential prices and stable products Quality favored by customers. Welcome to consult and visit our website: http://www.ss-diamondwire.com

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