Diamond wire saw concrete cutting

- Aug 18, 2017 -

1.Concrete cutting definition:

Concrete cutting is the use of diamond wire saw and wire saw cutting machine or other tools for concrete components, walls, pavement and other cutting technology, it has cutting capacity Strong, static loss, high efficiency, the use of water cooling, no construction dust and so on.

2.Concrete cutting process:

Diamond wire saw concrete cutting technology mainly disc cutting method and diamond wire saw cutting method. Diamond wire saw cutting has faster speed, greater flexibility and lower construction noise. Especially in the construction renovation project has been more and more applications. Disc cutting method to break the traditional wind pick chisel after the gas cutting or directional blasting construction methods, with diamond particles with cutting disc cutting, construction incision neatly, straight, without post-processing, free from construction sites, environmental protection , Duration, safety reasons and other conditions, is widely used in various types of large-scale building structural transformation and cutting construction. Diamond wire saw cutting equipment by the high-power hydraulic press, transmission pulley and diamond sawtooth combination of the rope saw, hydraulic motor drive pulley driven wire saw around the object to be cut high-speed rotation of cutting, with the construction of fast, Low noise, no vibration, no dust and other advantages of waste gas pollution, and incision straight and smooth, no need to do after the processing. The use of the technology, for some of the special requirements of the construction of the project, such as tight schedule, high environmental requirements, as well as some large concrete structure demolition, cutting works, these problems can be solved.

3.Concrete cutting machine used mainly:

Diamond saw blade cutting machine, hydraulic disc saw cutting machine (also known as hydraulic wall saw cutting machine), electric wall saw cutting machine, hand chain saw cutting machine, diamond wire cutting machine, large wire cutting machine, diamond drilling equipment, Cutting machine (also known as high pressure water gun cutting machine: due to the cost and construction of expensive, the current market has not been widely used) and other equipment for cutting concrete construction.

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