Diamond wire saw cutting process

- Aug 18, 2017 -

1.Construction Technology



2.Construction Points

(1) Fixed diamond wire saw machine and guide wheel

With the M16 chemical anchor to fix the main wire saw and the tripod, the guide wheel must be stable, and the edge of the wheel must be aligned with the center line of the wire hole to ensure that the cutting surface of the effective cutting speed, strict implementation Installation accuracy requirements.

(2) Install the wire

According to the established cutting form of the diamond wire in a certain order winding on the drive wheel and auxiliary wheel, pay attention to the direction of the wire and the drive wheel should be the same direction.

(3) The relevant operating system connection and security measures

According to the situation, water, electricity, machinery and equipment and other related pipelines should be properly standardized, relatively concentrated, the alignment of the strict implementation of safe operation procedures to prevent a lot of people and machines, auxiliary equipment, material chaos stay together ,it will causing accidents. During the diamond  wire saw cutting process, the direction of the wire movement must be protected by a safety guard and a safety mark in a certain area to indicate that the pedestrian does not enter the construction area.

(4) Cutting stone

Start the electric motor, adjust the drive wheel through the control panel to enhance the tension, to ensure that the appropriate tightening of the diamond wire, the supply of circulating cooling water, and then start another electric motor, drive the drive wheel driven diamond wire rotary cutting. During the cutting process, the stability of the stand must be closely observed and the offset of the guide wheel can be adjusted at any time to ensure that the cutting wire is in the same plane.

(5) Selection of cutting parameters

Cutting process through the operation of the control panel to adjust the cutting parameters to ensure that the diamond wire running line speed of 20m / s or so, on the other hand cutting process should ensure adequate rinse volume to ensure that the diamond wire cooling and grinding down Of the dust away. Cutting operation to achieve stable speed, stable parameters, equipment stability.

(6) Cutting process should pay attention to the problem

Such as the occurrence of card wire, broken wire and other phenomena to have the appropriate measures to solve. Safety precautions must be strict, tight, or cut off the diamond wire on the diamond beads will fly like a bullet out of the same. So the scene in addition to the necessary protective measures, all refused to contact unrelated personnel to observe.

3. Diamond wire saw cutting principle

Diamond wire saw cutting is a diamond wire in the hydraulic motor driven around the cutting surface of high-speed grinding grinding body to complete the cutting work. As a result of the use of diamond single crystal as a grinding material, it can be stone, reinforced concrete and other hard objects for cutting. Cutting is carried out under the hydraulic motor drive, the hydraulic pump running smoothly, and can be controlled by high-pressure tubing long-distance operation, so the cutting process is not only safe and convenient operation, and the vibration and noise is very small, the object can be cut in almost no disturbance Case is separated. During the cutting process, the high-speed running diamond wire is cooled by water and the grinding debris is taken away.

4. Cutting process should pay attention to the problem

1) Diamond wire saw cutting direction

There are clear arrows on each clip of the diamond wire saw, and can be identified by the bead of the diamond wire saw itself. Beaded base is long tail, short is the front, so the short front is the spring diamond wire saw cutting direction. In use, the need to correctly distinguish the use of diamond wire saw the direction. According to the direction of the arrow forward, not the opposite direction of cutting, to avoid the taper before and after the bead to ensure the normal use of diamond wire saws.

2) Connection of diamond wire saws:

Diamond wire saws must be connected to a closed loop before use. The method of operation and steps are: ① two bare wire wire length = joint length. ② the two exposed wire wire into the steel joints, joints and adjacent bead should be no gap. ③ the use of diamond wire saws dedicated hydraulic clamp, the connector buckle tight. In the middle of the joint, the middle of the joint will be placed in the hydraulic clamp, and the pressure will be placed in the hydraulic clamp. Then, the middle part of the joint will be placed in the hydraulic pressure. Check the joints, with the angle grinder, etc. to remove the flash and burr clean.

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