diamond wire saw products in stone sheet cutting applications

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Plate cutting stone processing industry in the processing of the largest one process. Usually with diamond saw blades for cutting, but the plate size is relatively small. Single stranded rope saw can be large plate and large size plate cutting, and the thickness is not limited, but with the installation of dozens of hundreds of saw blade frame saw machine compared to the total cutting efficiency and high processing costs, so a single rope Saw is most commonly used to cut very thick plates or small batches of different thicknesses of large plates. In recent years, the newly developed multi-wire side-by-side cutting technology (also known as combination rope saw cutting technology), in the same sawing machine, as long as the replacement of different purposes of the bead rope, change the rope saw line speed, you can easily cut marble or granite , By adjusting the bead rope saw pitch, can be flexible to change the thickness of the finished sheet, with a frame saw machine unparalleled advantages, so multi-wire side by side bead rope saw cutting technology is a very promising large sheet cutting technology.

Beaded rope saws profiled stone is the highest technical content of one of the NC stone processing technology, although only to the past 15 years of development history, but has become a high value-added shaped stone products processing the main equipment. In addition to the common beaded rope saws shaped stone sawing equipment, there are some small desktop beads sawing machine, dedicated to processing parquet, curved edge and other special-shaped stone products.

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