Diamond Wire Saws for Cutting Rock (Stone Mining)

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Diamond  Wire  Saws for Cutting Rock

First:The use of diamond bead rope, the need for certain conditions, generally in the open pit mining, must have power, water and, operating platform, highway, both with lifting equipment, transport, larger venues, Mine thickness of at least 500mm and more complete shape and other conditions. The use of diamond beads to take a stone to go through a series of preparatory work.(1) punch is a key preparation work, if the hole is not good, directly affect the piercing rope through, affecting the life of the rope and cutting efficiency, so punch this process is particularly important. To cut a large piece of blocks, you must lay the three holes, that is, a vertical hole and two horizontal holes. Three holes intersect at one point, this is the best way to play, if the three holes do not pay a little, then there will be the following: A. diamond beads piercing more trouble, or even can not wear, then we must re-punch, so Reduced production efficiency. B. Even if the rope through the pass, the cutting will have an impact on the life of the bead rope, because the rope in the hole after several twists and turns of the route, the wear and tear of the rope more harm, thus reducing the life of the bead rope, So the drilling must be based on the actual situation, according to the operating procedures.(2) wear rope through hole The current domestic stone industry, the use of beaded rope, most of the artificial wear rope method, that is: one end of the rope fixed multi-strand loop cord, from a hole into the wire from another hole leads, So wear a beaded rope. (3) After installing the equipment, the equipment must be equipped with a lifting equipment, which can be lifted at any time. As the equipment is heavy and the equipment is heavy, it is necessary to re-adjust the equipment. installation. (4) water cutting stone, because the rope line speed, and the friction between the stone is large, if not add water or water is not enough, rope and stone to produce a lot of heat, not only will spring and wire rope deformation, and may even make Spring melting and bonding together, loss of flexibility, this will reduce the life of the bead rope. To ensure the quality and longevity of the rope, water must be supplied and water must be added along the direction of movement of the rope.

Second :stone cutting of the stone with a bead rope cutting marble blocks, you must first cut the horizontal plane, and then cut the vertical surface, so as to ensure the smooth progress of cutting. Cutting method is generally cut the first horizontal plane, after cutting the vertical surface. If you cut the vertical surface, and then cut the horizontal plane, to be cut when the water level to be completed, suddenly cut the stone crack, suppress the bead rope, can not cut, the motor idling, and beaded rope deformation. Beaded rope is not only used for mining blocks, but also can be processed a variety of stone arc, shaped, cornerstone, etc., with a rope saw machine with high line speed, high efficiency, high precision, curve, arc, And equipped with computer control and copy two.

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