Egypt is one of the world's top ten marble blocks exported country currently

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Egypt is one of the world's top ten marble slabs exported country currently.At the same time, Egypt is also one of the world's seven major marble exporting countries. The Egyptian government attaches particular importance to the development of the stone market. Egyptian stone industry has a long history and glorious achievements, almost 7000 years ago, Farosi lighthouse will be "Egyptian architecture" and "stone concept" deep integration together for future generations to left a large number of commemoration of humble.The pyramid as a living world of architectural miracles,is a vivid example of these masterpieces.

Egyptian marble and granite varieties according to the origin of different varieties, there are at least 25 types. The marble produced in the Sinai Peninsula is dominated by light brown, and the marble in the mountains of the Amuria is dominated by golden yellow. The marble produced in the mountains of Khatemiya is mostly light yellow, while the marble in the Suez province is mostly yellow. Among them, the province of Suez produced milk yellow marble the best quality, the most popular in China, commonly known as "Egyptian beige." Egypt also has red, black brown marble production, but the color, finished rate are far less than India and Europe, red and black brown marble.

     We have marble cutter machine that specializes in cutting marble,they have advantage as follow: Good performance for cutting big-size blocks without inner break; No vibration while cutting;Low noise; Excellent precision;High cutting speed; Energy consumption reduced to the minimum.

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