How does laser cutting be perforated?

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Laser cutting manufacturers pointed out that the laser cutting in the time to pay attention to the operation of the normative, because the use of this link directly affect the use of the late, so we cut the time, we should pay attention to the details of the deal, that in the end How to perforate it?

Any kind of thermal cutting technology, under normal circumstances, must wear a small hole in the board. Generally by laser cutting perforation, the material after continuous laser irradiation in the center will form a pits, and then by the coaxial with the laser beam oxygen flow quickly remove the molten material to form holes. The size of the hole is generally related to the thickness of the blasting perforation average diameter of half of the thickness of the board, so the thicker plate blasting perforation larger aperture, and not round, not in the requirements of the higher parts used, can only be used for waste on. In addition, the splash is larger when perforated.

Laser cutting in the perforation of the time, the most important thing is that this process, we have to deal with some of the details of the time to pay attention, so we have to try to make the best work.

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