How to choose the focus when laser cutting

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Laser cutting manufacturers tell us that the choice of laser cutting focus is a very important step, only after the exact choice in order to show better results after, so we have to pay attention to every detail of the treatment, only in the subsequent use Will be more smooth.

For the continuous wave output of the laser, the laser power size and mode will have an important impact on the cutting. In actual operation, the maximum power is always set to obtain a higher cutting speed, or used to cut thicker material. But the beam mode is sometimes more important, and, when increasing the output power, the pattern is often slightly worse. It can be seen that, at less than the maximum power, the highest power density is obtained at the focal point and the best cutting quality is obtained.

In summary, we can see that laser cutting in the time, we should pay attention to the above-mentioned content, each detail of the treatment will affect the rendering effect. After everyone in the choice of focus pad, you can make a choice based on the above tips.

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