How to cut a granite slab

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Granite slabs cutting can use diamond saw blades, frame sand saws, diamond band saws and rope saws. Various processing methods adapt to the scope of processing costs and uses are different. Mobile single diamond saws are used in quarries for stone mining. Fixed single rope diamond wire saws are mainly used for block squaring. Slabs processing is mainly use multi-wire diamond saws.

  Diamond circular saw blade is mainly used to process granite , and suitable for the small granite slabs. With the increase in the diameter of the saw blade, the thickness of the blade will be a corresponding increase,so the size of the saw blade is not suitable for processing large granite.

 The cost of using the diamond wire saw to cut the granite slabs is slightly higher than that use the diamond saw to cut the granite slabs. But from the entire sawing efficiency, accessories supply, consumption, waste discharge, removal, sawing management and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, the cost of using multi-wire diamond bead saw processing granite slightly lower than the frame sawing machine. In general, the medium hardness of the granite blocks saw cut into 2cm slabs, the speed of the general traditional frame sawing is about 3cm / h. And the speed of multi-wire saw machine saw can reach about 30cm / h. In other words, saw a long 3m. High 2m blocks, the traditional frame sand saw requires about 67h ,while the mulit-wire saw only 6.7h time, a difference of about 10 times the sawing time, that is difference about 10 times the sawing efficiency.

  When cutting a granite slabs with a multi-wire diamond saw, it is important to note that the cuttings are best shaped at the top and bottom; the blocks should be placed on both supports and fixed with cement; the saws usually do not need to be cut. Determine a reasonable rate when cutting.

  In addition, the wheel, feed, hydraulic systems, control systems of multi-wire saw equipment require high accuracy. If the accuracy is not enough in the cutting process,it can not achieve the rope of constant tension, rope jitter, and adjacent rope saw collision with each other, etc.So that lead to poor quality of the surface of the board, serious will cause broken rope,and resulting in the entire rope scrapped.


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