how to improve the performance of diamond tools

- Dec 21, 2017 -

At present, diamond tools are widely used in the production of mining and stone processing, cuts metal, in the international market has a great foresight. we will introduce how to improve the performance of diamond tools.

       1. Add rare earth elements

Diamond products are mainly made by the method of powder metallurgy, the carcass composition of mostly cemented carbide, rare earth elements on the performance of the carbide is expected to improve the performance of diamond tools also play a role: (1) the addition of rare earth elements (2) The addition of rare earth elements can improve the flexural strength, wear resistance, impact toughness, etc. of the carcass material to improve the quality of the diamond tools; (3) Rare earth elements can reduce the melting point of the bonding metal, reducing the sintering temperature of diamond products, thereby reducing the quality of the diamond caused by hot pressing high temperature decline.

  2. Self-propagating high temperature synthesis technology

         Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis shs, also known as combustion synthesis, is developed over the past 20 years, relying on the chemical reaction of their own heat to prepare materials for the new technology. Generally, after the diamond is added into the carcass, the bending strength of the carcass decreases due to the "inclusion" of the diamond, but the bending strength of the carcass decreases after the hot pressing of the reaction forms the carbide transition layer between the diamond and the carcass Much smaller.

           3. The use of pre-alloyed metal matrix powder

         Pre-alloyed carcass metal powder has the following advantages: (1) The melting point of the alloy is lower than the melting point of the single element, so that some high-strength metals can pass the alloying to lower the melting point to meet the requirement of the sintered diamond product;(2) Compared with single elemental metal, alloy has high physical and mechanical properties and is easy to meet the requirements of the carcass performance of diamond products; (3) The alloy has better oxidation resistance than single element, good sintering property and easy preservation; (4) Pre-alloyed powder is more uniform than mechanical mixed powder and has good wettability to diamond. (5) The alloy powder has a single melting point, thus avoiding the most common component segregation and low melting point metal melting and rich in the mechanically mixed powder carcass Set as well as easy oxidation, evaporation and other defects, which can ensure the quality of diamond products, products, mechanical properties have also greatly improved.

           4. Activation of sintering applications

Activated sintering is the use of chemical or physical measures, the sintering temperature is reduced, the sintering process to speed up, or the sintered density and other properties are improved.

5 well-designed structure

       6 diamond surface metallization

       7 using ultra-fine or nano-materials

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