How to operate wire cutting machine

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Mining stone used by beaded diamond wire saw machine, the sawing method has tow kinds of method:ring sawing and under pressure cutting method.

(1) Ring cutting method.

The formation of a ring-shaped beaded diamond rope   the cutting rock surrounded by the a ring-shaped diamond rope , with the help of rotation and movement of diamond saws driven by the rope wheel, pulling the rope cutting rock. This method is applicable to both the cutting the stone face and the shaping of the stone after the stone cutting.This method is only used for beaded diamond wire saws during operation. In the face of the mining cutting, can be used for vertical and horizontal cutting.In the case of vertical cutting, it is possible to cut the front of the machine at a level above the machine, or to cut the front of the machine at a level below the machine.


(2) Under pressure cutting method.

The essence of the bead-type diamond rope driven by the sawing wheel, with the help of multi-purpose drilling machine or  the column pressure roller, in the hole under pressure the rope to achieve cutting. The cutting curve is limited by the length of the working face. Its length, the radius of curvature change is not very poor, and the rock is cut under the diamond rope.This method is only applicable to mine stone face , can not be shaped stone after the stone cutting. This method must be used in conjunction with multi-purpose rigs or cutting work posts during operation and only be cut vertically.

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