international mainstream of marble blocks mining

- Sep 13, 2017 -

As the texture of the marble is relatively soft, so the way the mining will be relatively more, but mainly in three ways: one is the hole - swelling method; the second is the mining rope rope mining method; third is the mining chain saw mining. Mine rope saw mining method: the use of mining rope saw to mining marble blocks.

Its first to determine a cut down the size of the block, along the outer size of the first with a hole drilling machine (DTH drill is actually a drilling machine, horizontal drilling can also be vertical drilling, and its drill rod can continue to connect Long, can drill twenty or thirty meters deep hole) out of a hole, (first hit the horizontal hole and then hit the vertical hole two holes intersection) so that the diamond saw can wear through, and then is to use diamond wire rope saw to cut blocks. As the general use of mining rope saw cutting blocks are relatively large, so here you need to use Huangliao plastic machine (plastic rope saw or chain saw) to split the marble blocks. At present, large international mining field is the use of mine rope saws and chain saws to mining marble blocks, with openings - expansion method is less. And because most of the mines have mine saws and chain saws, so combined with a new way of marble mining, is the combination of mine rope saws and chain saws, so that the efficiency of higher efficiency better.But with the development of stone saws with diamond saws, diamond wire saws are mining in a number of mining methods are the most advanced mining methods! We Guilin Sanshan Superhard Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and production of various types of stone cutting wire saw products and mining cutting machines and various accessories. Various specifications of wire tools for marble, if you need or interested, welcome to visit and consult our website:

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