Precautions for using a wire cutter machine

- Aug 18, 2017 -

1.Operators must first accept the operation training, understand the operating norms before the operation of stone cutting equipment.

2. Please check the machine first before using it. Confirm the machine's power system, power supply facilities and other parts if can normal work,and protection device is safe and effective. Then the surrounding staff go to a safe position before starting rope saw machine.

3.The rope saw machine should be placed on the side of the wire saw machine for more than 5m. The operator should not operate directly in the direction of the rope saw cutting.

4.In the case of vertical cutting, it is forbidden to stand in the same direction as the bead rope cutting line, and mustn’t look down on the cutting trajectory as well. When moving the cooling water pipe, it should be operated from the side of the slit to prevent personal injury when the bead rope is broken.

5.To ensure safety, whether manual cutting machine or automatic cutting machine, does not allow the operator to leave the equipment. Please manual control and gradually reduce the walking speed when cutting is about to be completed.

6. In order to avoid the rope saw machine suffer the lightning damage when working ,we should take effective lightning protection measures in the work area, set the lightning rod around the equipment.

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