quarry tools for mining

- Sep 14, 2017 -

A complete mine mining project, must have a detailed and feasible implementation of the book, which must include the mining tools (quarry tools) used by the full set of tools, we will come to one by one below:

1.Quarry machine

Mine mining is divided into underground mining, open pit mining, as well as immersion mining, deep sea mining, all kinds of equipment used are also different. Take the most common open pit mining and underground mining as an example.

The mining is mainly related to large excavation, downhole drilling rig, roller drilling machine, pre-installed, mining truck (load from a few tons to tens of tons or even hundreds of tons have), transport explosives vehicles.

Underground mining according to different mining methods include: ① hoist, ② fan (according to the specific is divided into axial fan, the cyclone), ③ drainage pump, ④ air compressor, the four belong to the main equipment, Can be the largest

Other equipment according to the mining needs of drilling rigs, all kinds of rock drill, local fan, tub. Rock loader, electric rake, crusher, electric locomotive, cage (skip) and so on. If it involves the selection and smelting is a more complex equipment, such as flotation machine, ball mill, bar mill and so on. In short mining as a comprehensive industry, side door miscellaneous class is very complex, but not fine. Investment mine risk is higher, the funds payback period is longer, the income is also very rich, great investment, at least millions to tens of millions.

2. Wire saws

       Mainly used for mining mining rope saw products are diamond rubber rope and diamond spring rope, which diamond spring rope points are dry and wet cutting two kinds of diamond spring rope is only used for marble mining, and diamond rubber rope is available In the marble, granite and quartz mining. Diamond rubber rope is the most commonly used mining rope saw products, diamond rubber rope with different diameter specifications, to meet the needs of a lot of mine owners. There is also a diamond-like rope saw product --- injection rope, diamond injection rope can be used for marble or granite, quartz plate cutting, usually used for factory processing, stone shaping, cutting and all kinds of shaped surface Processing.

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