Reasonably Control the Speed of the Diamond Saw Wire When Operating Wire Cutting Machine

- Aug 28, 2017 -

 Diamond saw wire machine is the most advanced stone mining equipment,it has been widely used in the stone industry, machinery industry and construction areas, mainly for the stone mining and processing, the removal of reinforced concrete buildings and finishing, glass and other hard materials processing.

 Diamond saw wire machine using the main motor drive saw along the track running around the track, diamond saw wire through from the hole to be cut out, the main motor by the reducer to drive the entire saw at a certain speed along the cutting face movement. The speed of the diamond saw wire must be adjusted according to the load condition of the main motor and the tension required for the saw rope. If the moving speed is too fast, the main motor load increases rapidly, or even overload, the tension of saw rope will increase, if not timely adjust the speed of movement , saw rope will be broken. If the speed is too slow, the saw rope tension becomes smaller, the saw rope will slip on the stone, reduce the cutting efficiency, and loose saws will twist, and even twisted saw rope. It is the key to ensure that the main motor load is basically uniform and the appropriate tension of the saw rope when increasing the the cutting efficiency of the saw machine. Because the shape of the mine or the rock is irregular, the cross section is naturally small or big, so the speed of the wire saw machine must be adjusted anytime when necessary 


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