Some Advice on Diamond Wire Saw With Bead Wear when Processing Granite

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Combined with theoretical research results and practical experience, the actual processing of diamond wire saw the following recommendations:

1, when the bead saw feed speed increases. The wear of the bead wire increases, because the price of the beaded wire is more expensive, which will lead to the increase of the production cost. Therefore, it can’t increase the feeding speed blindly in order to pursue the production.Through the market supply and demand situation, diamond wire saw with beads, price, stone price, Labor costs and other comprehensive analysis by the family, select the best economic indicators of the best feed rate. As the surface of the block is often rugged.When the beginning of sawing, in order to avoid the impact of the bead wire caused by the impact of broken or even broken, the feed rate should be lower than the normal sawing feed rate of 20% -30%, until the bead wire completely into People and then increase the feed rate.

2, the wire saw with bead’s speed and stone varieties, beaded type and stone length and other factors are closely related to the same processing equipment, when the beads or stone varieties change, the corresponding changes in the cutting speed to get the maximum wear rate After replacing the new bead of diamond wire saw, it is best to cut the soft stone. And reduce the sawing speed and feed rate, in order to facilitate the diamond blade.

3, the harder the granite or the longer blocks, diamond wire saw with bead sawing speed should be appropriate to reduce the sawing speed is too high will lead to diamond wire blunt.Sawing the speed is too low will make the bead into oval-shaped cargo cone, a serious impact on the life of the diamond wire  and processing quality.

In short, from the current development of diamond bead wire saw the situation, the diamond wire with bead in China's stone industry has been gradually widely used, many domestic stone enterprises to introduce cash technology and equipment, the application of diamond beads to the mining of stone and processing all kinds of Shape of the plate (mainly shaped plate), with high productivity, good product quality, low cost advantages, reflects the modern industrial production technology development, access to high-quality blocks and various shapes of sheet metal, improve the processing of stone Quality, production efficiency and economic benefits are of great significance. With the successful application of multi-wire side-by-side cutting technology, the efficient and low-cost cutting of large-scale ultra-large sheet material is called display, which makes people more and more aware of the superiority of bead wire in stone processing.

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