Suggestions on the Rational Use of Diamond Wire Saws(From Diamond Tools Company)

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. Can not start cutting from sharp edges; if possible, cut corners or rounded; if difficult, you can manually use the diamond bead rope to cut the corners. For a natural sandwich saw the surface can be used to make a "drill nose" to reduce the edges and corners, anti-folder rope is good!  2. only in the hand of the diamond bead rope tension and in the confirmation of diamond beads can be very smooth rotation, to start the machine. 3. can not be observed along the diamond wire saw cutting track, because it is so dangerous. Must use a variety of methods, such as the use of wood to block the cutting surface, in short, must not be in the diamond bead rope at the working surface to stay. 4 If the diamond bead rope normally pull off, the terminal part will be hit (the so-called pumping whip), inevitably this part of the rope will be deformed. Be sure to cut off the damaged part, because in the cutting process this section of the rope can not rotate, and also to the rest of the rope to bring more weaknesses. 5 It is often carefully checked whether the guide wheel, the turning wheel (large wheel) and the entire cutting plane are on a straight line. In the long-distance cutting, the trivial distortion and deviation will certainly affect the strength of diamond beads and its cutting efficiency. 6 Dust produced by cutting will mix with water, will produce grinding force, and will wear joints. It is therefore necessary to properly control the number of diamond wire saw joints and often have to replace the joints before reducing the cross-section and reducing its breaking load. Recommended 2-3 hours to replace the connector!7 The machine starts as slowly as possible because the energy at the peak current is 40-70 horsepower and quickly crosses the suggested critical point depending on the type of motor used. 8 Do not use diamonds less than 500-600mm diamond bead rope drive wheel, at any time can not be long-term use, if you must use, then the transmission wheel diameter at least 800mm or more. The use of a diameter of less than 500-600mm transmission wheel can make the diamond bead rope life and cutting efficiency affected! The same time as

In general, in the cutting of calcium carbonate material of marble, diamond bead rope the best peripheral speed should be between 36-40m / s. But in general, if less than 36m / s, the hourly output will be very low, if more than 40m / s increase in production is extremely limited, and the increase in speed and greatly increased the risk of diamond rope fracture.

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