The Application of Dry Cutting Beads for Cutting Marble

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Dry cutting bead is mainly used for cutting marble and marble quarrying and blocks squaring in quarries without water. Dry cutting diamond wire saw beads made by the special design, specially used for dry cutting. Drying cutting bead is mainly used for spring wire saw to cut marble blocks in quarries, they commonly used specifications are 10.5mm , 11mm, 11.5mm,it does not need water or only need a small amount of water to inject during the cutting.

At present, diamond wire saws have been widely used for mining, concrete and large irregular building cutting. Diamond saws market occupy the 80% -90% of the world's mines, such as Italy, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, South Africa,India,Iran,Europe,Asia,Americas and other countries.In the international arena, diamond wire saw cutting has long replaced traditional flame cutting and horizontal blasting operations. Diamond wire saw cutting is more advantageous than traditional cutting, it can be used for large objects cutting, cutting efficiency, output, and reduce waste of resources. It has the rules of cutting objects, does not damage the internal structure of the object being cut, low voice, no dust and safer and so on.

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