The application of Moh's hardness in stone field

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Moh's hardness uses scratches to scribe the pyramid-shaped diamond needle on the surface of the mineral tested, and it is customary to use Moh’s hardness in mineralogy or gemology.

With the depth of the measured scoring in ten degrees to represent the hardness (marking method):(Talc) 1 (hardness minimum), gypsum 2, calcite 3, fluorite 4, apatite 5,phosphorous(Fartspar; orthoclase; periclase) 6, quartz (quartz) 7, topaz 8, corundum 9, diamond 10.

Hardness values are not absolute hardness values, but values in the order of hardness.Such as a mineral can be carved stone scratches, and can not engrave fluorite, the Moh’s hardness of 3 to 4, the other analogy. Moh’s hardness is only relative hardness, relatively rough. Although the hardness of talc is 1, diamond is 10, corundum is 9, but the hardness measured by micro hardness, diamond is 4192 times the talc, corundum talc 442 times.Such as nail hardness of about 2.5, copper coins for 3.5-4, steel knife is 5.5, the glass is 6.5.

Stone hardness to Moh’s hardness as a unit of calculation. Marble because generally contain impurities, Mohs hardness of 3-5. Granite is a high hardness than marble, Moh’s hardness of 6-7.

Due to the different Moh’s hardness of granite and marble,we have difference types of stone cutting  machine to cut marble and granite. Marble cutting wire saw machine we have11kw/22kw/37kw/45kw/55kw; Granite cutting machine wire saw we have 37kw/45kw/55kw/75kw.

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