the benefits of use of diamond thin circular saw blade processing of stone

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Diamond thin circular saw blade refers to the circular saw blade steel body, the blade is thinner than normal in the processing of stone due to thinning tools, making sawing stone cutting narrow, the same volume of blocks can be sawed more Plate, the economic benefits are obvious, and save the steel and improve the processing efficiency.Thin circular saw blade is the key to have a special steel.China previously used 65VIn traditional spring steel as a (diamond rock saw) diamond circular saw base, but this steel is used in hot-rolled steel, not suitable for use as a stone circular saw steel. But also can not make thin steel body.In recent years, the world's stone industry developed countries have trial-produced suitable for thin steel substrate qualified thin circular saw blade is not suitable for all diameter saw blade steel body is currently mainly used in the diameter of 700 ~ 2200mm range, the thinner marble than the traditional 0.03 ".5%.

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