the comparison of the method of mining the combination of circular saw and diamond rope saw

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Stone mining methods should be based on different ore body conditions, external ore conditions, granite can be split, granite and marble flower color varieties and market value, investment in mining enterprises, economic strength and other factors, a reasonable choice Full sawing method of granite and marble extraction. The circular sawing machine and the beaded saw combined sawing method is suitable for a stope with a certain face area as long as the road can lead to the mining face or mining equipment can be sent to the mining face, the mining method can be used for hillside open-air, Hollow open pit type stone mining.

    1. The combination of circular saw and diamond rope saw method applicability

Installation saw blade diameter 3m disc saw machine, the maximum vertical cutting depth of 1.25m. Combined with the diamond wire saw can be used for uniform color. Non-directional granite, marble mining. If the cutting depth direction of the pattern can be used as the main section of the plate, this combination method can be used to the mining of less than 1.25m height of non-sanding saws or parapet blocks, the product can be used as tabletops and other decorative plates. Saw blade diameter 4.2m installed circular sawing machine, the maximum vertical cutting depth up to 1. 9m, combined with the diamond rope saw can be used for uniform color. Non-directional granite, marble mining. As long as the depth of the cut pattern can be used as the main section of the plate, this combination method can be used for mining height of 1.85m saws or parapet blocks, the product can be made of large plates.If the disc saw cutting depth direction of the stone lines are vertical, the height of block material is equal to the cutting depth of the circular saw machine, the cut plate is "Asahi" pattern, under normal circumstances this pattern toward the ore body is Not suitable for the use of circular sawing machine mining, but if the market can accept this pattern stone, can use circular saw mining.

2.the difficulty of mining technical

The combined mining methods described above are relatively technical. In addition to requiring miners to master the circular saw machine in the mines installation, mining stone technology, how to form a suitable circular sawing machine working face, but also master the sawing of the granite and marble cutting mining process. Because the surface of blocks is sawed by a beaded saw or disc saw, the surface quality of the block is guaranteed by the machinery and equipment. Therefore, the quality of the blocks at the time of full sawing is minimized by human factors.

3.Comparison of the quality of mining blocks

It can not be questioned that full sawing mining method of mining the best quality of blocks, block size specifications can be controlled, six sides can be sawing machinery and equipment, the surface is smooth, good blocks Fang Fangxing good wool proportion is very Close to the actual proportion of stone, transportation costs reduce the cost of sand saw cutting is also significantly reduced. The damage to the orebody is small, the rate of mining block material increases greatly, and the economic benefit of the mine is remarkable.

4.Comparison of operational safety

This method is a method of blasting mining granite, mining enterprises to remove the firework material procurement, transportation, storage and use of complex procedures, management systems and methods, and special requirements, but also to avoid the fire Improper use of the product. Personal injury caused to the mining personnel. As long as the strict implementation of the beaded saw, circular saw mining operation process and the safe use of the rules, the use of the technical method is relatively safe.

5.The damage to ore and resource protection

    Only the full sawing method will not create new cracks in the ore bodies or blocks or enlarge the original cracks, nor will the stone structure around the kerf change. Therefore, the whole sawing mining method is the best way to protect mineral resources and environmental protection.

    6.The comparison of total investment in equipment

    Because the use of sawing machinery and equipment mining stone, and the traditional method of mining based, mechanical equipment, supplemented by traditional or semi-mechanized mining methods compared to stone, sawing machine, sawing wire saw the investment will be larger. However, compared with the construction machinery investment that the mine must be equipped with, the investment of the above single sawing and mining equipment is only one-tenth to one-tenth of the 300 series excavators.From the exploitation of blocks rate to improve the protection and conservation of ore resources, block blocks due to increased block size and improve the quality of its sales price increase, as well as the extraction efficiency, safe production and other factors to consider the comprehensive exploitation of Huangliao actual The cost is limited compared with the traditional method of mining.If we consider the factors such as the output rate of wood blocks and the finished product rate, the actual cost of full sawing stone mining is totally acceptable.

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