The definition of cut metal

- Sep 11, 2017 -

In the metal industry, the metal cutting of the word seems never to be mentioned because the cutting process is too common in metal handling so that it has no meaning. Cutting operations of cut metal can be divided into two categories: chip molding and chipless molding. Pressing, cutting, punching, punching, bending, perforation 'section punching and stamping are chipless metal sheet processing technology. Milling and turning these are chip forming processes. Punching and punching lattice is similar to its processing is to remove a piece of material on the sheet division and leave a hole. The difference between punching and punching is that the sheet is processed at a time to form a plurality of sheets of the same shape, and the blank is cutting out a plurality of shapes on a sheet. This is done by cutting the cake on the dough with a mold very similar. The metal ring in the figure is generally used as a lid for a can, which is basically made of a punching process.

Segmented punching is the impact of cutting the sheet from top to bottom, and it works like a sewing machine. The shearing requires an impact at a time and is precisely controlled on the gap of the two treatments.

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