The Development of Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machining

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Diamond wire saw cutting machining like the machinery in other industries, they are the same as the rapid changes in the production of stone machinery in many categories than ever have more to improve: such as processing granite sand saw, has been developed to be processed 7m Wide;Compare with the ancient folder 4 standard blocks, now has been developed to be 230 blade,and 24h processing 3500㎡ efficiency models; The technology of granite wire saw machine and diamond wire saw has matured, more and more began to enter the quarry ; Equipment develop to the diversified, multi-model direction; The central increasingly promote the use of stone processing with a variety of tools , and it have a great significance to product innovation.

 The launch and use of stone CAD design software supply rich and colorful decoration for the stone.The new and convenient stone decoration machinery are more commonly used to the decoration of the scene; The use of high- Cleaning, protection, bonding machinery has become a new field of application of stone; synthetic synthetic stone production equipment has been achieved localization, Into the application resources, also contributed to the development of artificial synthetic stone category.

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