The Forming Method of Diamond Wire Saw Beads

- Sep 14, 2017 -

There are two forming methods of diamond wire saw beads.One is hot-press molding, hot pressed a layer of diamond-containing tip on the surface of the bead base. This bead needs to be first open edge and then use for cutting . Second, electroplating, that is on the surface of the bead base brazing diamond. The bead base has perforations in the direction of its axis. The outer surface of the bead base has an outer circumferential surface and a groove wall, the axis line of the outer circumferential surface coincides with the axis line of the bead base, and the groove wall is perpendicular to the axis line of the bead base, and the diamond is brazed in the outer circumference Surface and groove wall. In the cutting grinding, the outer diamond began to work, with the diamond wear, the other diamond to join the work, which makes multiple layers of diamond to participate in cutting, and the groove on the diamond processing start contact area is small, Small cutting resistance.

In recent years, diamond bead has made considerable progress in the field of industrial applications. The initial diamond bead is limited to the use of marble quarries, and has been widely used in concrete removal and granite cutting and other fields. In any case, the main application of diamond bead in the future is still successful and effective in cutting granite slabs of these challenging jobs. Most of its success relies on diamond bead producers to continue to develop and develop new capabilities to meet the technology and 

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