The Mainstream of Use Granite Tools Mining Mode in International

- Sep 13, 2017 -

The international mainstream use granite tools for granite block mining method is mainly used to open the hole - the way to mining, so mining granite block specifications, size control, shape regular, less crack defects, mine production, High yield, and the destruction of the environment is relatively small. Its main operational processes: (one is the rock drilling machine mining is another diamond rope saw mining)

A: Drilling machine mining 1. Drilling --- according to the required block specifications or the most economical mining specifications intensive drilling, the general interval of 23-30CM. 2. After the use of hydraulic equipment to the granite stone blocks from the ore body split split open. Mainly with hydraulic splitting machine. 3. If the block size is relatively large or the shape of the block is not good, will be scattered or trimmed. This time mainly in two ways, one and the same method of mining, the use of hole - the method of cracking, mainly with a small drilling machine or car mounted modular drilling machine; the other is the use of granite plastic rope Sawing cutting and dressing, the main equipment is a diamond wire sawing machine, of course, also need to turn over the car to flip the granite blocks.

B: Diamond rope saw mining At present, China's production of specialized cutting tools for the cutting of granite diamond rope saw is also more mature mining tools, many mines also use mine rope saw, instead of flame cutting to mining granite blocks. Diamond rope saw mining with no restrictions on the size of the mine, cutting efficiency, high yield, environmental protection and other characteristics, for the granite mining we have two special materials of the rope saw: rubber rope and injection rope, which can be divided into injection rope For single-stranded rope and multi-cord combination, it can be used for mining and mining large-scale granite cutting and shaping. Our company,Guilin Sanshan Superhard Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and production of various types of stone cutting wire saw products and mining cutting machines and various accessories, if you need or interested,welcome to visit and consult our website:http:/ /

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