The Operation Guide of Diamond Wires for Mine

- Aug 28, 2017 -

First, the direction of the diamond wires rope saw the cutting direction :The company's diamond wires beads rope saw is the direction of cutting. 1: diamond wires saw with beads the direction of cutting, the diamond  wires rope saw on each clip has a clear arrow marked. 2: diamond wires the direction of cutting, but also through the diamond rope saw with beads, their own beads to identify. Beaded base is long tail, short is the front, so the short front is the spring diamond bead rope saw the direction of cutting. 


Second, the connection of diamond wires saw with beads should be connected to a closed loop before use. The method of operation and steps are: 1: two bare wire rope length = joint length. 2: the two exposed wire rope into the steel joints, joints and adjacent springs should be no gap. 3: the use of diamond bead rope saw special buckle clamp, the buckle will be fastened. The middle part of the joint will be placed in the buckle clamp in the buckle, each turn 90 ° withholding once; then the ends of the joints in the buckle clamp in turn buckle; After checking the joints, with the emery cloth and so will remove the flash and burr clean.

Third, the diamond wire spring saw installation and debugging   1, the diamond rope saw with beads on the rope saw machine, and the diamond  rope saw with beads relative tension. Hand twist diamond wires saw with beads, to see whether the diamond rope saw uniform rotation. Such as uniform rotation, you can proceed to the next step; otherwise, should be checked. 2, start the device, observe the diamond beaded rope jitter state. Such as diamond rope saw with beads jitter, you should check the flywheel and guide wheel processing and installation accuracy. Otherwise it is easy to cause diamond beads rope saw fatigue fracture.

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