The operation method of using fiber laser cutting machine

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Fiber laser cutting machine used in sheet metal processing, advertising signs word production, chassis cabinet and other industries, with high cutting speed, high stability, very low cost and other advantages, laser cutting manufacturers for you This section describes how to use the fiber laser cutting machine.

1, confirm the device has a blade slide plate in front of one end, open the size of the pressure plate.

2, with a stripper stripping fiber coating, reserved bare fiber length of 30-40mm, with alcohol dipped cotton or cotton paper wrapped in fiber, and then

Wipe the fiber clean. Rub with cotton or cotton paper once, do not use the same cotton or cotton paper to wipe the second time.

3, visual fiber coating edge alignment cutter scale (12-20cm) the appropriate scale, the left hand into the guide groove into the groove,

Require bare fiber straight on the left and right rubber pad.

4, close the small platen, large pressure plate, push the device with a blade of the slider, so that the blade cut off the fiber under the surface, and free to slide to the other side,Cut off the fiber.

5, left hand hold the cutter, the right hand to open the big pressure plate and remove the fiber debris, into a fixed container.

6, with his left hand pinching the fiber while the right hand to open a small pressure plate, carefully remove the cut end of the fiber

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