The Origin Place of Granite

- Nov 10, 2017 -

           Granite is a widely distributed type of rock, and many countries in the world produce granite. Nine percent of China's land (about 800,000 square kilometers) is granite.

            The following are the different types of granite and its place of origin:


Kirin origin - Vietnam

Granite: Court stone, Indian flower, coffee pearl, Monte Carlo, India Black gold origin - India

Shanxi (Black) (Shanxi), Basalt Black (Fujian), Taishanhong (Shandong), Cenxihong (Guangxi), Dahongmei (Hainan Island), China Red (Sichuan), Black Diamond (Inner Mongolia) At the end of green flowers (Anhui), Xuemei (Henan) origin - China


Autumn Brown Origin - Canada,

United States white linen, red Texas origin - the United States,

High jiaohong, green butterfly origin - Brazil


Sweden Taomu stone origin - Sweden,

Granite: Travertine Origin - Italy, Blue Pearl Origin - Norway

Limestone origin - Portugal, Rose Born origin - Spain

Small Cuizhong, Eagle Red, Carmen Red, Green Maga, Chrysanthemum origin - Finland

Africa: South Africa Red, Blue Forest - South Africa

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