The scope of application of marble

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Marble is a metamorphic or sedimentary carbonate rock. Organization fine, solid, polished, a wide variety of colors, there are beautiful natural colors, and radiation is small. Due to impatience weathering, less used for outdoor, the general durability of 150 years.

Overall evaluation, marble looks better, and the granite is more resistant. In general, marble is soft, easy to dirty, after the need for regular maintenance, not very good care. But because of its rich patterns, the advantages of soft colors, in the laying of the treatment will appear to be higher grades, wealth and gorgeous. In general, family indoor use is more suitable.

Pure marble often snow white, containing impurities, showing black, red, yellow, green and other colors, and the formation of a variety of patterns, spots, like the landscape, flowers, jade, abnormal pattern, granite is the application of history for stone hardness to Moh’s hardness as a unit of calculation.  because generally contain impurities, Marble Moh’s hardness of 3-5. a long time , Widely used, with much more rock.

We have marble cutting tools that specializes in cutting marble,they have advantage as follow: Good performance for cutting big-size blocks without inner break; No vibration while cutting;Low noise; Excellent precision;High cutting speed; Energy consumption reduced to the minimum.

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