the use of diamond wire saw - wire saw Machine operation

- Nov 08, 2017 -

1. When installing and adjusting the cable saw and preparing to open it, please carefully check whether the key components of the cable saw are properly connected and the safety protection device installed

2. Start the sawing machine as follows: (1) Plug in the quick connector of the power supply of the equipment body, and connect the three-phase power supply to the other end. (2) Plug in the quick connector of the equipment body and console, and then close the main power supply switch. (3) check the power control cabinet, the main switch into the line voltage normal, close the power switch cabinet on the main switch. (4) Check the steering motor cooling fan, if not, interchangeable power into the line of any two-phase.

3. Carefully check whether the driving flywheel and the wire saw surrounding plane are in the same plane as the surface to be cut. If not, then follow the steps below to adjust the position of the power unit: (1) Press the "Control Power" start button on the console , Then "Power Indicator" light. Turn the rotary switch on the control panel to "Stop". (2) Press the "Rotate forward" button or "Rotate reverse" button located at the rear of the sawing machine according to the direction that the drive flywheel needs adjustment. Release the rotary button until the drive flywheel is completely parallel to the cutting surface. When driving the flywheel needs to go through the bottom of the sawing machine, the guide wheel angle on the sawing machine must be adjusted to a minimum. (3) According to the left-right position of the driving flywheel, press the "right-adjusting" button or the "left-adjusting" button at the back of the sawing machine until the driving flywheel is completely in the same plane as the surface to be cut Adjust button. When using manual adjustment device, you need to manually adjust the left and right position and direction of the driving flywheel.

4. Before penetrating into the wire saw, the corner edge of the surface to be cut (the top surface in the vertical cutting and the side surface in the horizontal cutting) should be manually trimmed into a rounded corner, and the wire saw can be manually pulled along the cutting direction, Inside the corners of the initial grinding smooth, to ensure that the saw wire saw in the convergence of flexible movement without card delay.

5. Turn on the cooling water, spray the cooling water onto the wire saw, and confirm that the cooling water enters the cutting surface before starting the wire saw to cut. When cutting vertically, the cooling water nozzle must move as the cutting position of the wire saw changes. Horizontal cutting, the horizontal hole cooling water joining point with the kerf movement, the vertical hole at the water point is generally temporary, when the saw away from the vertical hole can be canceled. The amount of cooling water should be appropriate, too little water will burn wire saw injection layer, too much water will cause the rope saw slipping or polishing, cutting dust-free to maintain the spray, the spray of water spray and water vapor for the most appropriate .

6. Follow the following steps for normal sawing: (1) Press the "Control Power" start button on the console, and the "Power Indicator" light is on. (2) Turn the "Manual / Auto" selector switch to "Manual". (3) Turn the "main motor direction" selector switch to "forward" or "reverse" gear, and slowly adjust the "main motor speed" knob. Just cut the speed should be slow, so as not to damage the edges and stones stone rope saw, to be cut after a period of time, may be appropriate to accelerate, display or digital table will be real-time display wire saw speed and current information. (4) Turn the "feed direction" selection switch to "reverse" position, slowly adjust the "feed speed" knob, so that the rope saw to a suitable degree of tension, then the main motor current display value will gradually increase .(5) When feel the tension of the rope properly, and the main motor current is more stable, the "manual / automatic" selector switch to the "automatic" file, wire saw machine will follow the selected program automatically run and run according to the actual For example: WS37 series models, the main flywheel diameter of 800mm, converted into the best line speed of the speed: 500-620 rev / min, the line speed is maintained at 20-25 m / After using the automatic program, the wire saw will keep the wire saw constant cutting force to ensure the best cutting speed and effect. If you feel the rope tension is inappropriate, the display parameter settings can be modified to achieve the best cutting results, the use of instrument models, you can adjust the tension adjustment knob, to achieve the appropriate cutting tension. Maintaining a suitable tension has a good effect on the service life and the cutting efficiency of the wire saw.

7. When the sawing machine is about to run to the end position on the guide rail, as long as the site conditions permit, should be used to replace the front and rear guideway to continue cutting operation. Only in the case of site conditions are not allowed, we can use the method of moving the machine to cut the rope to continue cutting operations, so as to avoid wire sawing waste.

8. When the sawing surface only about 2 ~ 3 , it is recommended to replace a beaded has been excessive wear and tear, but the wire rope is good mechanical properties of the old wire saw to continue cutting. If the guide wheel is properly installed, the remaining surface can be cut through, or when the remaining about 0.3 ~ 0.5 , stop cutting, take other ways to separate it.

9. To ensure the smooth cutting surface, should take appropriate measures to correct the cutting path at the right time to ensure that the drive flywheel, wire saw and cutting surface completely in the same plane.

10.When cut a work surface or need temporary shutdown, the following steps to turn off the saw machine: (1) first "manual / automatic" selector switch to "manual" file. (2) Turn the "feed speed" knob to the minimum position, then turn the "feed direction" selector switch to "stop". (3) the "main motor speed" knob to the minimum position, then the "main motor direction" selector switch to "stop" file. Halfway down, when the switch is turned off, you should wait 10-20 seconds and then turn off the main motor, this is the next time you start the boot. (4) Turn off the power switch after the inverter and the main motor stop completely.

11. sawing machine in the sawing operation, if there is a fault, the console fault indicator light to determine the current fault and promptly ruled out. If it is frequency conversion fault, press "inverter fault reset" button.

12. In case of an emergency at work, press the "emergency stop" button; if you need to re-operate, simply reset "emergency stop" to continue operation.

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