what is diamond wire saw?

- Aug 18, 2017 -


        Diamond wire saw is for mining, blocks, curved plate, large board stone, thick concrete, irregular concrete reinforcement, bridge and other cutting tools. Easy to install, flexible use, cross cutting, vertical cutting can be. Here we come to understand the composition of the equipment structure and the classification of the diamond wire saw.

2.The division of the diamond wire saw:

         The classification of the wire saw can be classified according to the actual needs、application and materials, according to the needs and applications it can be divided into seven categories, namely: concrete cutting wire saw, granite and mining wire saw, granite blocks plastic saws, Processing wire saws, marble mining wire saws, marble blocks plastic saws, marble profiled processing wire saws. According to the production of materials to points, it can be divided into diamond rubberized wire saw, diamond plastic wire saw,diamond spring wire saw, and spring plus rubber wire saw (for concrete cutting).diamond wire saw specifications are mainly controlled by the bead, the specifications can be from Φ6.3 ~ Φ12, but different stone formula is not the same, beaded production formula according to the actual situation of stone to build in order to play its maximum efficiency.


3.The use and characteristics of the wire saw:

           The wire saw is driven by the power plant cutting device, which can achieve a variety of cutting for thicker concrete. Is the basement, chimneys and pillars such as the removal of cutting and repair work the most suitable cutting construction equipment. wire saws can be qualified for dense concrete structures, thick brick walls, and even underwater cutting operations. Wire saws can meet the cutting depth of hydraulic wall saws. Cutting operation depth is not restricted, the operating environment more adaptable, higher operating efficiency.

As the emergence of hydraulic diamond wire saw to protect the construction of the protective demolition, transformation of construction, to retain the safety of the building part, widely used in the demolition company, the removal of the company's construction projects. Hydraulic wire saw is used in the construction engineering and reinforcement of the construction of advanced engineering tools, as a special cutting tool for reinforced concrete, rock, ceramics, brick wall and other hard material cutting, widely used in the wall to open the door, open Windows, open air and reinforced concrete beams, column cutting, floor bridge cutting and stone processing. It can make it easier, safer and more effective to dismantle the technology of compacted concrete and stone.

4.Hydraulic wire saws have the following salient features:

            Reduced labor intensity, safe and reliable operation, with overload protection, powerful, improved cutting capacity and labor productivity. Is the demolition of demolition, removal of construction projects using advanced equipment. Because its linear cutting can make the construction section more neat; but also because it can multiply to improve the working speed to shorten the construction period, to further reduce labor costs and improve the competitive advantage, to expand the scale of construction projects can be accepted; hydraulic system itself, Reliable and stable, greatly reducing the cost of construction equipment loss; In addition, similar to the sawing cutting this static cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept, because it can maximize the preservation of the existing structure of the stability and safety Nature, widely used in the reinforcement of the company's construction of the leading advanced cutting construction equipment, instead of a strong hammer or drilling rig row to the construction of the traditional way


Mining, block shaping, large board cutting, bridge cutting, beam cutting, underwater cutting and so on.

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