What is the bridge saw cuting equipment used to do?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

    Stone cutting equipment is the most used stone bridge saw cutting machine, such cutting machine generally use automatic beam positioning, infrared knife, hydraulic drive, with cutting speed, high precision, good consistency and so a bit. According to the cutting power and processing table size, suitable for processing granite, marble and other types of stone, processing types are trimming, edging, chamfering, drilling and so on. For the stone cutting processing manufacturers, there are mobile installation convenience, simple operation and so on.

    The main part of stone bridge saw cutting machine is mainly composed of main guide rail, support system, spindle system, vertical lift system, horizontal movement system, lubrication, cooling, braking and electric control system. The main rail and support system in the machine to ensure the smooth movement, while the cutting system to provide sports platform. The spindle system precisely controls the movement of the working head on the track. With the aid of the electric control system, the speed and distance of the working head are precisely positioned to ensure the precision, flatness and uniformity of the sheet material. The vertical lift system controls the vertical movement of the cutting blade. The lateral movement system controls the feed movement of the saw blade, and the speed of the feed movement is adjusted by the operator within the specified range. Lubrication and cooling part of the machine to ensure the orderly manner of stone cutting. Most of the bridge cutting machine are concentrated with oil bath lubrication, and cooling with cooling pump to provide quasi-use of coolant for cutting cooling. The electronic control system is controlled by the electric control cabinet for centralized operation. Most of the domestic machinery can be manual and semi-automatic processing control, stone cutting blade feed rate adjustment generally through the inverter to achieve stepless speed.

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