What is the diamond segments?(for cutting metal)

- Sep 18, 2017 -

The diamond segments is the main part of the diamond saw blade. Diamond segments of the diamond blade saw is composed of diamond and carcass binding agent, diamond is a superhard material, play the role of cutting edge, carcass binding agent to play the role of fixed diamond, from the metal powder or metal alloy powder Composition, different composition called recipe, according to different purposes, recipe and diamond different.  Guilin Sanshan Superhard Material Co.,Ltd is a diamond tools supliers, we have diamond wire saw and diamond cutting machine for cutting stone,cutting metal or reinforced concrete,we also have accessories like beads,joints,washer,spring,blades,segment and so on.Welcome to visit our website:www.ss-diamondwire.com

segments 图1_副本.jpg

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