What is wire cutting machine

- Aug 18, 2017 -

The wire saw machine be mainly used for stone quarrying and stone blocks cutting and squaring in quarries.It’s work principle as follow:

Diamond wire saw is pulled through the perforation stricken in the horizontal and vertical direction in advance. Then the diamond wire is set on the flywheel after joint and the flywheel is driven by electromotor in order to bring along the diamond wire to cut the stone while at the same time water is poured into the sew to cool down the diamond bead and exclude the rock powder while cutting. The diamond wire saw moves backward while cutting so as to maintain certain tension and cutting speed until the cutting is done.

The use of wire cutting machine is flexible. It can be used by vertical and horizontal cutting. In the processing of stone products , the use of rope saw machine can reduce labor intensity, protect the safety of workers, improve work efficiency and quality, increase the success rate of stone products, reduce the advantages of stone resources.The machine has the following advantages:

(1) Wide adaptability, wire saw machine suitable for all types of mines.

(2) strong function, high efficiency, first deep mining depth can reach l0 ~ 20m or even deeper,and conventional mining is generally only within 10m;Its cutting speed generally can reach 8 ~ 12㎡ / h, and it is the 2 ~ 3 times more than conventional cutting.

(3) Wire saw machine can be used by vertical and horizontal cutting, slope and other directions of the cutting, but also for blind cutting.

(4) lower overall cost. Firstly, the cut surface of wire saw machine is very flat and will not cause any internal injuries, Secondly the sawing is small, only about 11mm, it will not waste of resources.

(5) safety and environmental protection. When wire saw machine mining,it without noise and dust, and a high degree of automation, separate control, lower workers labor intensity , high security; And the noise and dust of conventional cutting are very large, and the workers labor intensity, safety is relatively low.

Wire saw machine has the features as follow:

(1)This type diamond wire saw machine be designed and manufactured with the most advanced technology. Lt is applicable for quarrying and dressing all kinds of granite and marble. It suits the quarrying situation at home and abroad.

(2)The functions of electric rotation, electric horizontal movement and electric lifting movement can be automatic operated.

(3)We adopt the imported vector frequency converter, it can increase the output torque, and the principle of constant current control automatically to adjust the feeding speed according to the change of cutting current. Flexible adjustment, stable and reliable operation to make sure the best cutting efficiency.

(4)Display the real-time parameters such as the main motor’s current, flywheel’s speed, voltage, work time, etc.

(5)The machine can be operated manually or automatically.


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