Why is laser cutting combined with auxiliary gas?

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Laser cutting manufacturers tell us that laser cutting will produce a lot of heat, and then the oxidation reaction, easy to be processed workpiece deformation. So, we need to add some auxiliary gas.

In the processing of stainless steel, you should choose nitrogen. Because the nitrogen can prevent the incision of the oxidation reaction, the product of the incision will not be black. But the nitrogen purity is higher. If it is processing carbon steel, then we must choose oxygen, because oxygen plays a role in combustion. These auxiliary gases can be blown away in the laser cutting process generated slag, to prevent slag sticky to the lens, protect the lens, extend the life of the lens. In addition, air and nitrogen also have the effect of cooling, you can cool the cutting head.

Above will say why in the laser cutting to be combined with the reasons for the auxiliary gas, with the gas can better play the role of laser cutting.

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