10 Reasons Of Choose Travertine To Make Pool Pavements

- Dec 07, 2017 -

There are a variety of materials available for swimming pool pavement on the market. Some are inexpensive, such as concrete. While others are more expensive, such as natural stone. They have their advantages and disadvantages. However, travertine paving materials have many characteristics, especially suitable for the pool around the pavement material.

Here are 10 reasons:

1.Travertine paving material feels very cold. This means walking barefoot on it does not feel any heat. Most of the other paving materials will become hot, such as paving materials and cholestas

2.Travertine color is very beautiful. If you use a brown grout, the color is good. In addition, there are two kinds of gray color.

3.Travertine paving materials come in a variety of sizes, but all are square. They can be laid like dry paving materials. In addition to the pool roof, there is no need to use concrete.

4.They are natural stone.

5.There are two different widths at the top of the pool. If the pool has a lot of curvature, the 6-inch width is the best choice because cut travertine tile can be reduced. The general choice of 12 inches, the appearance is more beautiful. This is commonly used in geometric swimming pools. It can also be used to bend the pool, but needs to be re-cut, which will cost the contractor more time.

6.Travertine is available in a variety of different sizes and designs. The largest is 16 * 24 inches, the smallest is 8 * 8 inches. Large travertine is very beautiful.

7.There are various sizes of tiles to match each other. This is very practical, if the pool area has a bank or outdoor kitchen, they can correspond to each other to form an interesting appearance. The same materials and colors, different sizes can create interesting effects

8.cheap price. Price between dry shop brick and dry shop between alum. With cholera alum almost.

9.It is a newer material, with a variety of looks.

10.It does not fade.

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