Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, fast copy board: through the CCD recognition system, the software can automatically complete the contours of multiple metal objects to identify and generate computer files used to achieve the required graphics and objects of the automatic typesetting, cutting, convenient, and save the The entire plate making link.

2, intelligent typesetting: the rules can be different sizes of graphics arranged appropriately, the material utilization rate to the extreme, but also provide automatic co-edge cutting function, saving energy consumption and improve efficiency. In addition, it can also through the copy board system, the corner of the remaining material, re-layout use, saving material costs, labor and materials.

3, precision cutting: a cutting molding, precision, no burr. But also on the metal pipe for precision drilling, slotting, cutting and so on. But also by the intelligent positioning of the servo system, cutting different thickness of materials and special-shaped plate, especially in the face of uneven material or corner tilt, without manual focus, you can achieve rapid cutting.

4, automatic identification: the program automatically identifies the system, the metal sheet on all kinds of colored graphics, can be achieved according to the need to automatically cut edge cutting.

5, mark the crossed: the universality of a variety of metal materials for a variety of processing, such as text marking, graphic shading carving, marking, etc., especially in the equipment panel applications, especially in the application.

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