Application And Characteristics Of Diamond Wire Saw For Concrete Cutting

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Application and Characteristics of Diamond Wire Saw for Concrete Cutting


Diamond wire saw for concrete cutting is mainly on the irregular concrete cutting, now we become to talk about the diamond wire saw for concrete cutting of Sanshan company, the use and characteristics . As a result of the emergence of hydraulic diamond wire saws to protect the construction of protective demolition, transformation of construction, to retain the safety of the building part, widely used in the demolition company, the removal of the company's construction projects. The diamond wire saw is used in the construction engineering and reinforcement of the construction of advanced engineering tools, as a special cutting tool for reinforced concrete, rock, ceramics, brick wall and other hard material cutting, widely used in the wall to open the door, open Windows, open air and reinforced concrete beams, column cutting, floor bridge cutting and stone processing. The use of diamond wire saw for concrete can make the removal of reinforced concrete and stone technology to remove more easily, safer and more effective.Hydraulic wire saws have the following salient features: reduced labor intensity, safe and reliable operation, with overload protection, powerful, improved cutting capacity and labor productivity. Is the demolition of demolition, removal of construction projects using advanced equipment. Because its linear cutting can make the construction section more neat; but also because it can multiply to improve the working speed to shorten the construction period, to further reduce labor costs, improve the competitive advantage, expand the scale of construction projects can be accepted; hydraulic system itself, Reliable and stable rope saw, greatly reducing the cost of construction equipment loss. In this development, this static cutting has slowly become a construction and design concept, it can preserve the stability and safety of the existing structure, has been widely used in the development of diamond wire saw for concrete cutting in the continuous development of the road Reinforcement of the company's transformation in the construction of the leading advanced cutting construction equipment, replacing the other several traditional ways.

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