Characteristics Of Mining Machinery Lubrication For Cutting Stone

- Sep 11, 2017 -


Mining machinery cut for stone lubrication characteristics: First, the mining machinery is characterized by: mines are usually sub-underground mining and open mining two types. 1, due to the limited space of the mine, the requirements of mining machinery compact, small size, bearing and gear to bear the pressure and load larger; 2, mining machinery to be able to easily move, changing working conditions, load changes. 3, mining machinery mostly heavy load, medium speed or low speed transmission, most require frequent start, and often bear the impact load;4, the mine environment is bad, humid, there are rock dust, coal dust and gas (the main component is methane), and some mines are sulfur-containing harmful gases (sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide), so many mining machinery should encounter fire, Explosion-proof, anti-corrosion problem; 5, open-pit mining machinery to withstand wind, sun, rain and hot summer and winter and other climate change; 6, due to small coal space, the machine repair more difficult than the ground, Durable, easy to repair.Second, according to the characteristics of mining machinery, the following requirements for the lubricating oil: 1, the size of the mining machinery and fuel tank volume are small, the amount of oil installed less, the work of high oil temperature, which requires lubricants Have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance. 2, because the mine environment is bad, coal dust, rock dust, water, lubricants are inevitably affected by the pollution of these impurities, so the lubricants have a better anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-emulsifying properties; When contaminated, its performance changes will not be too large, that is less sensitive to pollution. 3, open-air mine machinery winter and summer temperature changes, and some areas are large temperature difference between day and night, so the viscosity of the lubricant with the temperature changes to be small, it is necessary to avoid the high temperature, the oil viscosity becomes too low, so that can not The formation of lubricating film, can not play the role of lubrication, but also to avoid the low temperature viscosity is too high, so that start, run difficult.4, for some mining machinery, especially in the prone to fire, explosion accidents in the use of some of the machinery, require the use of good flame resistance (flame retardant), can not use combustible mineral oil. 5, requiring the lubricant to the seal of the adaptability is better, so as not to damage the seal.

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